15 Dec 2017


Introducing The Footpath Bookshop.

It is a book store where I sell Digital Photobooks which feature images that you would've seen here first.  Do have a look.

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Mahim Macchimar Nahar

Goregaon Station West


T-Shirt Reading In Mumbai

Govandi Station

Bridge - The Dharavi-Sion FOB

Spray can teasers of Mumbai streets,
they keep you guessing.
Sex or a beanbag?
WTF is mendicot?
Godrej workers in grave danger.
Gurudev bola hain shakhahari bano,
Phaansi do. Jesus loves you.
Khawaja ka Hindustan.
Dancing acting classes.
Company job. Airport.
Actors wanted, Bollywood catering job available.
And now 95 degrees what?

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