30 Sep 2016

Eastern Freeway

"Chatrapati's Government"

#SaffronTide or #MarathaShahi ?

The Maratha anger against several things that has erupted as a silent morcha across Maharashtra has left me hashtag confused. The ideology is Hindutva and casteist but the political affiliations are confusing. So these two hashtags are going to run parallel in some posts henceforth as and when the morcha reaches Mumbai in a couple of weeks.

Eaatern Freeway

Pitrupakh Amavasi or like thet say in Mumbaiya: Kauwa Party. 

Main Road Shivajinagar

Patriotism laga daala toh life - JingoLala.

29 Sep 2016

Govandi Station


Govandi East


Superwomen. An old, single, working women of Mumbai at their waste segregation corner in a disused BEST depot.

Ladies with hooks are not a Mumbai thing only. Here's a woman from Goa where Mumbaikars go and throw our most popular water brand - Bisleri's bottles.

Lalubhai Compound

Mumbai Bookshelves: A New Library.

Lalubhai Compound gets a new library on Bhagat Singh's anniversary. No clue about who started it but it looks left leaning from the colours. (it is not saffron).

The Shaheed Bhagat Singh Pustakalaya.

The poster says: Indian and international books and books for children that give them wings and open windows of imagination. Marathi, English and Hindi books,

Address: 103, Building No 61, A Wing. Lalubhai Compound. Mankhurd.


This is the second library to open in this place. The earlier one was R and R where you can donate books. Here are the details.
Email: contact@aarandaar.net.  


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