29 Oct 2014

Deonar + NM Joshi Marg + Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Link Road

    Maccharman was here.

Mumbai Air Report

   Many shades of grey: The smoke from the hazardous waste burning facility in Shivajinagar.


   The humidity that hangs in the Mumbai air can be sliced with a knife. It is that thick. This is a stuffy corridor of an industrial area. It is filled with air conditioners that suck the moisture from the offices inside the sheds. And the water is collected in these plastic and metal containers.

And finally - smokeless!

22 Oct 2014

Off NM Joshi Marg

In a crowded corridor of an industrial shed,
the air conditioners squeeze water
from the humid Mumbai air. 

13 Oct 2014


Mumbai Bookshelves. 

Chetan Bhagat's latest book, for sale in a liquor store in Navi Mumbai. 

9 Oct 2014

Ghatkopar - Mankhurd Link Road

I would like to be a mirror.
More specifically, I would love to be the mirrors
these two politicians use every day.

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