2 Sep 2014

Vashi + Deonar

There was only one drama on the stage at Vashi this Ganesh Festival Weekend.  The title is saucy: Pandharpeshi Veshya (The White Collared Prostitute - Marathi).  For those who don't have a family at home. I guess.   

Yesterday's flowers, plucked twice.  Once from the stem and then from a pedestal.  

New clothes and underwear, delivered home.

27 Aug 2014

Vashi + Deonar + BEST + Harbour Line + Chembur + Mankhurd + Md Ali Road

Walking and reading. Hindi Daily.

Mathrubhoomi, Malayalam

Mid-Day, Gujarati

Yashobhoomi, Marathi

Eenadu, Telugu

Sandhyakaal, Marathi

Navbharat Times, Hindi

Saamna, Marathi

Times of India, English

Newsstand on a rainy day

The pleasure of reading a newspaper used to wrap fruits.

Karnataka Malla, Kannada

Anand Bazaar Patrika, Bengali

Varthahaar, Marathi

22 Aug 2014

Off Deonar Farm Road

Shivaji. Orginally from Pandharpur, MH. Lives in Chunnabhatti and walks the streets of Mumbai playing the Shehnai, usually tunes of devotional songs to Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Here is another Shehnai player I found outside Thurbe station.

The instrument looks little but can produce a powerful sound and it's no wonder that it is the preferred instrument at noisy weddings. Only Nadaswaram, the Shehnai's cousin can produce something as powerful and that too is used to float over noisy gatherings.

Here is the sound of trumpety thing blowing full horn from an old Tamil movie and locking horns with Yesudas. The video made by someone named Spinal Orgasmia also gives you some basic lessons of Carnatic music in a funny way. And tests the decibel levels musically.  Have a listen.  

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